TitanMen – Felix Barca and Shay Michaels

Another fresh week and time for another update. In this one we bring you Felix and Shay, and as you know both of them had separate scenes in the past involving some kind of bondage. Well in these superb and fresh titanmen videos you get to see these guys together as they share their loving passion for BDSM. They got into their little leather suits and went full force for this nice video scene today. So let’s not waste any more time and see what they have to show off to you without further due!

When the cameras start to roll, you can see them making their appearance on the set wearing their sexy outfits. And they just made them look even hotter with their muscled and nude bodies. Watch them get to some cock sucking as they need to get each other rock hard for the next part of the update. Felix is the first one to have his ass fucked as Shay inserts his big dick inside his tight ass just for your viewing pleasure. Also don’t forget to check out the past updates as well everyone. You won’t regret it and that's a promise!

TitanMen – Black and white

Hi there once more guys. Today we have a fresh and hot titanmen gay video to bring you you and we’re sure that you will love it. You asked a long time to see a hot gay with a big black cock fuck one of our white guys and today we deliver it as a special thanks for following us. So let’s see just what this superb and hot interracial gay fuck is all about shall we? It turns out that we had a guy that really desired to take a said big black cock in his ass and this was the perfect opportunity for him to do so. And so we paired him with this muscled black dude that was packing quite a big and thick black cock just for him.

And you can safely bet that the black guy was also just waiting for a chance to sing that big black monster in some tight and small ass and fuck it to his heart’s content. So he pretty much got his wish too for this evening as well.  Sit back and watch that tight and horny ass get thoroughly penetrated by the black dude with his humongous cock today just for your entertainment. You will be able to see the white guy moan in pleasure as the big black dick stretches his ass thoroughly in this video scene that we bring you. Well you know the drill, this is the end, and you need to wait until next week for some more scenes guys!

Titan Men – Backyard pool sex

A new and fresh week swung by and we come back with more hot updates for you guys to see. This time we used a nice little Jacuzzi for our titan men set and we left two very horny and wild guys like in dark thunder website to go at one another’s butt holes for the whole night in the warm water. Both of them appeared here before together and you should remember them. Well the two of them will engage into some back yard pool sex just for you today and you simply can’t miss this scene with them. It’s just too good to pass up and not see them, trust us.

As the scene starts off you can see them enjoying their little time in the pool as they are all nude and tease one another with their cocks. Soon enough the spirits heat up properly and you can see some superb cock sucking being performed by both on one another as they simply could not hole back from doing it any more. Watch closely as they spend a good amount of time fucking one another’s asses and enjoy them blowing their loads on each other’s bodies at the end of it all. We hope you liked it and see you next week!


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TitanMen – Heavy duty

Titanmen makes another comeback for this superb scene and we know that it would be just right. This fine scene you get to see some heavy duty gay sex scenes, hence the name that we chose for the update today. And again we bring you some more familiar faces as they get to have hard sexy for you, but we’ll let you figure out who they are. What’s sure about this scene is that both guys were in the mood for a nice and hard style BDSM fuck and they’d go full force for it without regrets today. You’ll get to see one hot dude just like dirtytony getting bound as the other one fucks him hard and fast up his asshole for the whole duration.


The guy doing the fucking had a nice and hot little suspended bed ready for the other stud. And in addition to that he also prepared a straight jacket for him so that he wouldn’t be able to move at all while he would get to work that tight and eager ass. So just sit back and enjoy the scene with that cock hungry dude getting a thorough and hard ass fucking from his TitanMen buddy. Watch as in the end the guy doing the penetrating also pulls out and blows his big jizz load all over the bound dude’s shredded abdomen. have fun with it and as always do come back next week for some more hot stuff as usual. We’ll be seeing you then everyone!

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Anthony London and Jesse Jackman

Today is another special day. In this update you will get to see a dude that we had here previously as he fucks his buddy from behind in the great outdoors just like in czech hunter videos. The two of them actually insisted on this as it was a pretty nice day and the sun was risen high in the sky. The two dudes that get to fuck in this titanmen update today are Anthony London, the bald guy, and Jesse Jackman which you saw in a previous update take another hard ass fucking. Well today he’d be presenting his tight ass to Anthony.

So sit back, and watch as the two studs go in for the sexual action. You get to see Jesse do some more of his classy and superb blow jobs, as he sucks and slurps on Antony’s big man meat to get him hard. And then you get to watch the horny Jesse as he bends over a table to present that ass for the hard style fucking that he needs. Watch as Anthony goes balls deep in his butt and enjoy that guy getting fucked hard and fast for this fresh scene. As always we hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you again next week!


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Titan Men – Office fuck

Another fresh week and time for one more superb titan men update today. And for this nice scene we have a sort of a treat for you with these two guys. You see, this hot couple of muscled studs enjoys role play in every one of their little fuck fests, and today they were going to do it again. One of them would play a demanding boss, and the other the secretary, and the secretary would get his ass thoroughly worked by hiss boss as he needs to relieve some stress, and the best way was to fuck a tight asshole.


As the boss dude picks up the phone he has his male secretary to come in. And as he does, he makes it plainly clear that he’d need some attending done to his cock today. Well that’s why the secretary is there so watch that guy as he starts to suck his bosses’ cock and deep throat it to his delight. And then the boss just has him bend over the table as he inserts his cock in that tight ass and begins to fuck it hard style. Enjoy seeing that tight butt thoroughly hammered today and let’s hope we’ll have them here again soon! And don’t forget that you can find similar videos and pictures inside http://codycummings.us/ website.

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Extreme anal insertion

This fine week we return yet again. And this time we bring you some more hot videos of out horny and muscled hunks having fun. For these nice titanmen videos today you get to see a sexy and bulky guy that gets his ass stretched to it’s limits by his buddy as he’s using a big and black dildo to please his ass. To be honest, the guy is pretty loose, and unless you posses a huge cock in the true sense of the word you can’t please his butt hole no matter how much or hard you try. He just needs bigger things.

Well not to worry. Like we said, his good buddy was on the job and he had a nice and big dildo at hand to fuck his ass as much as he wanted. So watch him bending over and pulling down his pants as his buddy lubes to toy for some smoother entry into his ass. Then you get to see the real show unfold as the expert hand of his buddy maneuvers the big sex toy to fuck him fast and hard as he moans in pleasure. well that’s about it for now everyone. Stay tuned and make sure that you don’t miss our future updates or if you can’t wait until the next week’s scene check out http://marcusmojo.org/ website and enjoy watching other hot gays fucking.


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TitanMen gay outdoor fun

Alessio  and Brayden are the two studs that we have to show off to you for today’s titanmen gay scene. And you should strap in as this is one amazing and hot gay scene update everyone. We wanted to pair these two today and see how the chemistry works between these hot naked men. And sure enough magic happened with both of them in the same shots. You see Brayden is little man whore and he very much enjoys being ravaged in the ass by a big and rock hard cock. And Alessio is not too far from that too. He enjoys very much the feeling of having a nice and tight ass squeeze on his big dick and so he was a perfect match for Brayden today.


When the cameras start to roll, you can pretty much see that you’ll be in for one amazing and hot fuck scene with the two that will last a good while. They appear already naked, and you can see Brayden as he sucks Alessio’s big cock to make sure that he’s all nice and lubed for his tight ass. So then sit back and watch as he bends over to let Alessio fuck his tight ass hard style. A thing that Alessio immediately does. So watch Brayden as he gets thoroughly fucked in the ass by a big and hard cock, and make sure you don’t miss one bit of this hot scene today. We hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you once more next week everyone!

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Titan Men models in rough sex scene

Hey there once more everyone. Today we bring you some more BDSM goodness as you will get to see another pair of horny and hot hunks going for a hard style sex scene in front of the cameras just like in coco dorm videos. Their names are Jesse and Hans and let’s just say that they share the same passion for hard style sex. And today’s superb update has these two titan men models fucking hard style in the ass just for you. So let’s just sit back and watch the show that unfolded with these two super sexy studs shall we?

Jesse would be the one to take the submissive role as his good buddy Hans will be providing the ass fucking. And they seem to be really eager to go for it right from the start. You get to see Hans as he makes Jesse stay bent over over some boxes as he makes his entry with his big and throbbing cock into his tight ass today. So watch the cock hungry Jesse as he takes a balls deep and hard anal fucking from Hans in this amazing scene. We’ll be returning next time with even more hot scenes for you so stay tuned guys!


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Power play in the dungeon

Hey there guys, we return to your screens today with a superb and hot scene. And in this one we have a gallery that’s themed around BDSM and hard style sexual pleasures just like in dadsfucklads videos. So just sit back and watch this hot and fresh titanmen videos gallery that we bring you for today with two muscled hunks as they spend the whole afternoon doing some kinky stuff to one another today. We’re sure that this will be to your liking as you will watch the dudes have some hard and sexy fun just for your viewing pleasure today.

hardcore-sex-in-the-dungeon As the scene itself starts, you get introduced to the two studs as they will pretty much describe what they’ll be doing as they appear all naked and stroking their huge cocks in front of the cameras. So sit back and let’s get this show on the road. As one guy takes his spot in a nice leather swing set held up by chains, the other dude brings out his tools that he uses to please cocks and he starts his work of that cock. So watch him prodding and sucking that huge meat pole as his buddy enjoys the treatment. See you next week!

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