Diesel Dominates Steven in Intense Encounter

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Scene Title: Black and White: Scene 5: Diesel Washington & Steve Ponce


Description: Worked up from watching all this action, Diesel phones his valet, Steven Ponce. Seems that he’s been taking Diesel’s car out for joyrides and is in need of some disciplinary action. Diesel quickly takes command of the situation by pushing Steven down to his knees and stuffing his face with his giant cock. Steven has no trouble slurping the whole thing down, so Diesel gives him a real run for his money by facefucking him hard and fast. Steven slurps and gags with delight as Diesel really goes at it. Diesel stands Steven up on a chair while he punches and tugs on his balls before sucking him off. Diesel gives Steven just as an enthusiastic and spit-filled blowjob as Diesel gave him; in no time, Steven sprays his load all over Diesel’s massive chest. Diesel throws his compact, redheaded partner onto his stomach, shoots his load all over his back and then licks up every last drop. Diesel bends Steven over the couch and aggressively rims his ass while stoking his cock, then pulls Steven up onto him and hangs him upside down while he continues to eat his ass. Hanging down, Steven’s the perfect height to hang right in front of Diesel’s cock, which he greedily sucks down. Diesel throws Steven back onto the couch for the main event of the whole film, and a scene people will be talking about for years to come: the must-be-seen-to-be-believed fucking session. Steven starts by straddling Diesel, who fucks him so intensely from underneath Steven looks like he’s going to be split open. But they’re just getting started; Diesel grabs Steven from behind, holding him in a full-nelson while literally bouncing him up-and-down off his cock. He then throws him back onto the couch where he impales him some more until the both cum again.

Actors: Diesel , Steven Ponce