The Fiery Face-Off: Jessy, Ares, and Marcus Take on Spicy Encounters with Isaacs

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Scene Title: Strobe: Scene 2: Jessy Ares with Marcus Isaacs


Description: Headed to the back room after working up a sweat, Jessy Ares needs some fluid from bartender Marcus Isaacs. Jessy eyes the cutie’s ass and jockstrap peeking out of his shorts: “Mind if I take a closer look at this?” he asks. The tattooed Marcus happily obliges, offering his hole. Jessy gets to work, rubbing, kissing and spreading it open as he dives his scruffy chin inside. “That’s a beautiful ass, Push that hole out for me…nice!” Jessy releases his rock-hard boner, whipping it on the bartender’s ass. Marcus turns around and drops down, sucking the red-hot slab and beating it on his face. “Choke on it! Nice!” shouts Jessy as he fucks his face, Marcus gagging on it as his own hard cock peeks out of his jockstrap. “Come on boy!” encourages Jessy, who turns his bud around, grabs his jock and fucks him hard and fast—with low shots capturing the bottom’s ass hairs clinging to Jessy’s shaft. Marcus gets on his back, grabbing the top’s chest as he gets plowed. The two squirt, Jessy’s big load hitting Marcus on the shoulder.