A Wild Encounter: Realtor Adam Russo and Muscle Stud Jesse Jackman

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Scene Title: Down and Dirty: Scene 1: Jesse Jackman & Adam Russo


Description: Realtor Adam Russo shows muscular Jesse Jackman around a former porn studio. But Adam wants his own large property, too: “Looks like you could have done porn yourself,” he compliments. The two are soon locked in a kiss, Adam unleashing the beast from Jesse’s bulging jockstrap. He gulps it up, Jesse’s ass muscles clenching as he gets serviced. He soon lifts Adam up on the table and feasts on the stud’s boner, deep-throating it as Adam whispers “All the way down!” The sucker slaps Adam’s boner and balls as the two flash wicked smiles at each other, Adam spitting down on his cock and Jesse’s face. Jesse eats and fingers his bud, then fucks him doggie style as the bottom’s boner bounces. Jesse grunts as he rams faster, turning Adam over for more. The bottom’s eyes roll up in his head as he gets it, his pecs shaking and his balls grazing Jesse’s tight stomach as the top thrusts deeper. The two slap and grab each other’s pecs, the grunts getting louder as their bodies glisten with sweat before they release their loads.