Unleashing the Powerful Connection: Jessy Ares & James Corman Engage in an Erotic Action on the Rooftop

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Scene Title: Grind: Scene 1: Jessy Ares & James Corman


Description: With their muscular bods grinding against each other on the rooftop, bearded buds Jessy Ares and James Corman can’t keep their hands off each other. Jessy grab James’ ass, the two soon taking their passion inside. James leans Jessy against the counter, immediately dropping down to voraciously suck. Jessy grabs hold of James head and fucks his face, the sucker’s neck getting redder as his veins burst. Jessy returns the favor, looking up at James hairy, light-skinned bod as he slurps—the spit sticking to James’ hairy balls. With his own dick throbbing, Jessy snaps up James’ cock, drawing moans from him. Jessy then eats him out before sitting in a chair, James staying hard as he sits down on it. “Ride that dick! Work it!” demands Jessy as he grunts, his balls bouncing as he pounds the bottom from below. James’ boner bobs all over, the bottom grinding down all the way before he gets it on his back and from behind—his body soon covered in cum.