Exploring the Intriguing World of Aymeric Deville, Wilfried Knight, Latex, Spanking, and Butt Play

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Scene Title: Smack: Scene 1: Aymeric DeVille & Wilfried Knight


Description: Their bodies bursting through latex and leather, smooth Aymeric DeVille and hairy Wilfried Knight lock lips. Wilfried drops down and releases Aymeric’s massive bulge, slurping on his curvy cock. Wilfried cups his bud’s balls, engulfing them before clamping Aymeric’s sac and stretching it down as he starts to finger his ass. Wilfried paddles the stud’s butt, his muscle ass quivering under the tight latex. Aymeric’s face gets redder with each smack, his sac still being stretched. Wilfried moves to a bigger wood paddle, grinding it against Aymeric’s crack before smacking his cheeks again. Wilfried uses a third paddle to finish the spanking, then releases Aymeric’s balls before sitting him in a sling to munch on his ass. Wilfried fingers him before fucking him, grinding in balls deep as the veins on Aymeric’s forehead burst and his super-cut abs clench even tighter. Wilfried squirts on Aymeric, then dildo fucks his smooth hole before the bottom bursts.