Steamy Studio Escapade: Colby White Reveals All as Conner Habib Paints his Bulging Muscles

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Scene Title: One Thing Leads To Another: Scene 3: Conner Habib & Colby White


Description: Arriving at a studio, toned Colby White is reminded that a potential job requires nudity. “You don’t have a problem with that?” asks cute artist Conner Habib. “No,” says the quiet Colby, who slowly strips down. “The skivvies too, dude,” says Conner, who is soon on his knees for an up-close look at Colby’s growing meat: “Your dick has to look really good in the painting.” Conner extends his tongue and teases the tip, a strand of spit connecting the two as he licks the shaft before sucking. Colby sucks the moaning Conner back, then stands up—a big strand of precum growing longer in front of Conner’s face. The painter opens wide for a sensual suck, his own boner pulsing below. Conner bends over before sitting down on Colby, who rubs Conner’s leg and stomach from behind. The bottom rides, his rock-hard cock bouncing like crazy. The finish is unforgettable: Colby gushes a seven-squirt fountain before Conner fires a rocket to the camera.