An Explosive Warehouse Encounter: George, Céline, Felix, and Barca in an Intense and Explicit Action

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Scene Title: After Hours: Scene 1: George Ce & Felix Barca


Description: In a storage warehouse, tattooed hunk George Ce peers across his ladder to Felix Barca. Felix flashes a smile, drawing his admirer closer. George grips Felix by the back of the neck, pulling him in for a kiss before pushing him down. George whips out his uncut beast, Felix opening wide to gulp it up. George guides Felix’s head down on his cock, making him gasp for air. George repeatedly leans down for a kiss, alternately fucking his face. With his hairy muscle bod filling the screen, Felix then gets his big dick deep-throated before he bends over as George eats him out—beard scruff rubbing against his ass. George grinds his dick on Felix’s cheeks, then grips the bottom’s waist as he fucks him deep. Felix arches back for a kiss, then sits down on George before getting on his back. George places his big hand on Felix’s stomach as he fucks him, then grabs the bottom’s pec as he grinds in balls deep—the two soon squirting.