The Tale of Bound and Helpless Tibor Wolfe: Mercy, Tristan, and Phoenix

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Scene Title: Pissed and Probed: Scene 2: Tibor Wolfe & Tristan Phoenix


Description: Caught on a security cam, hairy Tibor Wolfe sits helpless—his hands bound to a chair. “The money didn’t come through!” shouts an angry Tristan Phoenix, eager to teach Tibor a lesson. Tristan punches Tibor’s pecs before flicking the captive’s big boner. “Look at me! That what you want?” yells the dark-haired dom, his boner bouncing. Tristan pisses on Tibor, who then pisses on himself as his boner throbs. Tristan wraps his jockstrap around Tibor’s neck and slaps his cock on the slave, then grabs hold of Tibor’s head and fucks it. Soon untied, a choking Tibor continues to feast on Tristan. Bent over the chair, Tibor gets his hairy hole eaten, fingered and fucked as low shots capture it all up close. “Fuck my hole!” begs Tibor, his ass slapped as the wooden chair creaks. Tristan lubes up his hands, twisting his hairy forearm inside as he fists the bottom. The two stay rock hard throughout as Tristan plows with his arm. After dumping a load on the floor, Tristan keeps his fist inside as Tibor leans up and unleashes a hot wad.