Gay Men Having Sex Video

Another gay men having sex video collection is here, but today we just have a preview for you. Everything happened at the barber shop the other day when Bennett gave Micah a flip fuck on the barber’s chair. Micah as been coming to Bennett for a couple of month now and he did a great job every single time. Well today he found out about a new thing Bennett does as well or does it even better. After he finished with his work Micah made a joke and told him that he was kind of short with the money and that he can’t really pay. Well that was everything Bennett was waiting for, so he told they have a special room in the back for those how can;t afford to pay. Bennett thought he would pay him. but them he saw Micah getting up of his chair and going in the back. No need to say what happened next with the two ripped titan men, right? Enjoy it and don’t forget to come back next time!


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